Treadmills – Automatic and Manual Incline

Published: 20th July 2010
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For those who have been searching around from treadmill you may have come across many options regarding incline on treadmills.

Manual incline is generally found on cheaper treadmills simply because it is cheaper to produce and allows the treadmill to be sold at such a low price. The way in which the incline of a treadmill with manual incline can be adjusted is by pulling out a pin at the end on the treadmill to adjust the height of one of the ends of the treadmill. This results in an increase or decrease of the slope of the running platform, hence the incline is adjusted. Manual incline would be suitable for people who may not use the treadmill for long periods of time rather just short treadmill sessions, those who do not plan on frequently using the treadmill or if you like running on a flat surface. From personal observations at the gym there are many people who prefer running without incline throughout their entire workout. Manual incline can be more suitable than you think. In fact treadmills with manual incline will be much lighter and smaller than automatic ones because of the lack of an incline motor.

Most of the more expensive higher end treadmills will feature an automatic incline. This means that the treadmill will adjust its slope by itself and the only thing that the user has to do is press a button. Automatic incline usually increases in percentages or levels with each number standing for half a percentage. So at the 5th level there will be a 2.5% incline. This variety of incline allows for users to change their incline during their workout as well as giving the treadmill the ability to simulate hills on running tracks. Preset programs are made possible with automatic incline treadmills due to the ability to change the running slope during the workout. A popular use of treadmill incline by many people is to have it set at 1% or level 2 so that the treadmill accounts for wind resistance and other factors that are not available indoors. Hence automatic incline treadmills will have the ability to provide the user with a more realistic and varied workout experience.

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